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Detailed Plan Configurator

Thanks to the Comferut Adapta program, we can build the detail plan directly at the customer’s site, virtually uploading to the linear the references chosen from the database among our solutions packaged in convenient kits.

This tool allows us to visualize the detail plan in advance and to guarantee maximum customization of the offer.

Moreover, thanks to our detailed plan viewer, we allow you to have a complete understanding of the solutions and products that will be displayed in advance.


Automatic assistance, local and/or remote

The Comferut linear systems are characterized by their ability to guarantee a high level of interactivity by the end customer, making their purchasing experience richer and more truthful. Each customer can choose the level of interactivity that he intends to maintain with the end customer.

All this is expressed through two main interactivity models:
• The linear interactive with Safe Choice equipment, a solution now known and widespread due to its potential to simplify purchasing processes, to offer customers comparisons, information, ease of decision-making.
• The interactive linear with DigitalPlus equipment, an authentic Comferut novelty that allows, thanks to the presence of an LCD screen and a QR code reader, to make the customer experience even more active, which can know, understand and investigate.

All our linear models can be supplied with customized signs, designed to clarify, inform and communicate.


touch our solutions

Our showroom devoted to the DIY’s department allows the visitors to visualize our principal solutions.

The departmens allow to touch and to compare the different proposals.

We can favor this way actions of simulation and princing, that allow to plan in advance and in personalized way the service.


where ideas borns

We offer furnishing schemes on our range of products; these are developed to different levels of detail by analyzing the best furnishing solutions for the spaces concerned and offering the most highly performing services to bring the end customer into contact with the sales outlets selling our products.

Executive plans: With the COMFERUT ADAPTA program we can create an executive plan directly at the customer’s premises or in the retail outlet by uploading the virtual shelving plan with the references chosen from the furniture kit database.

Packaging and Labelling: Our products come packaged in transparent plastic bags that allow retail customers to easily see what is inside. The descriptive labels give information about the exact measurements of the products and have been designed for the Help Yourself operations that lead retail customers directly to the checkout and, thanks to the EAN code, to payment.


exhibitors management

Comferut recommends and proposes a service of Merchandising for the optimal management of the exhibitors. The concept of Free Service brings great advantages if qualified resources occupy him of:

  • to prepare the structures in professional way
  • to load the commodity on the exhibitors in precise way
  • to develop the activities of facing with the necessary frequency, calculated according to the influx client
  • to constantly revise the structures espositive of the exhibitors
  • to recommend the retraining of the linear one

The service of merchandising Comferut is active on the whole italian territory.


Increase in profitability by linear meter

Through the use of a CRM, we create timely and detailed statistics to share with customers to evaluate different indexes and offer them a clear picture.

Starting from the latter it will be possible to improve the profitability of the linear systems, optimizing the spaces with the most requested products.


product knowledge

Information and training on the Comferut products on sale on ironmongers’ shelves can be obtained through the merchandising service, the demonstrative furniture and the training events organized at our headquarters in Cerea, in the DIY Business Unit Showroom.


analysis, study and collaboration

Our working method is what differentiates us.

Its specificity is the value of the concept of “collaboration” with the customer, which leads us to study the needs that distinguish it in a detailed marketing analysis to propose highly customized visual solutions, which take into account the particular nature of the individual point of sale.

Our analysis process is based on some basic steps:
• scouting, contact and retail inspection;
• sharing goals with the customer;
• definition of the layout and exhibition design;
• contracts related to Linear and Services;
• precise definition of the timing of the Restyling.


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