“Vision without action is a dream.
Action without vision is a nightmare”
(Japanese proverb)


50 years of continuous experience makes the difference, especially in such a competitive market as the ironmongery and furniture fittings’ production and trade.

This difference comes from the passion of Piubelli family, that has always given priority to customer’s satisfaction, confirming the trend already wished by the founders, Aldo and Rino Piubelli, In 1963. A wealth of know-how and unique experience, continually enriched by a constant re-investment, outlines the profile of a modern leading company at the edge of the market, using managerial methods and targeted marketing strategies. Comferut is increasingly expanding in the international market: it already works in 50 countries, and has got an office in China.

This is a company that, in order to keep growing, aims at quality, organization and efficiency in terms of products and services, believing that developing relationships with the customers will always make the difference. At the present day, our partnership counts 4,000 customers, from craftsmen, to industry, to Large Distribution Systems to organized chains, which it deals with throughout the world.


We are convinced that “making business” also means to have social responsibilities

so they concretely help a voluntary organization “Crescere Insieme” (San Giovanni Lupatoto, Vr) that helps people with disability. Comferut contributes to support educational activities as well as personally undertakes to organize Association activities. Visit the Crescere Insieme Facebook Page for more informations.

A project, completely different, but as many stimulating it is “Lignum. Il Mobile di Verona”,of which are among the promoting realities: an union of different firms of Verona, Padova and Rovigo. It been born with the finality to relaunch the production of the piece of furniture and the territory to it connected. For information you can write to


COMFERUT s.r.l. - Via Sangallo 14
37053 Cerea (VR)  Italy
Tel. +39 0442 33 83 11 - Fax +39 0442 33 29 36

Capitale Sociale € 1.100.000 i.v.
REA VR -230221 - CF e P.IVA 02303880237
codice SDI: M5 I T O J A

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